Part of a series of pictures from Ireland

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kildare Town and Hill of Allen

Another mixture taken aound Kildare Town and the Hill of Allen in May 2008

Round tower, Kildare Town
Ancient Round Tower in the grounds of St Brigid's Cathedral, Kildare Town.

The above three pictures are of the Hill of Allen which is abot 6km from Kildare Town. Almost half the hill has been blasted away by Roadstone to produce sand and gravel for the Construction Industry.

An old draught/cart horse who I 'got talking to' in Kildare Town.

A huge fire in Kildare Chilling Factory/Abattoir which put some sections of the plant out of action for some weeks. It took the Fire Brigade many hours to sort it out.

A fine old derelict building in Kildare Town...It's been like this for about twenty years.

A little blue house on Dublin Road, Kildare Town.

Derby House Hotel...Used to be Curragh Lodge.

End wall of the Silken Thomas Complex in Kildare Town.

Ruins of Grey Abbey in Kildare Town.

Kildare Railway Station with Dublin bound train.

Old water tank/reservoir in Kildare Town.